Multi-Dimensional Healing

Where energy meets request.

Requests from the soul on multi-dimensional levels.

The healings offered by Alicia can basically be defined as frequency speaking to frequency. There is no pre-set outcome, nor is there only one method. Operating in a field of pure potential and multi-dimensionality, all things are possible. Each healing experience is orchestrated by your soul’s desire.

“My purpose is to hear the request and hold a field where your soul can fulfill its heart’s desire.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ~Alicia

If you are wondering what this means, here is a testimonial:

“Imagine entering an ancient healing temple, a place where love, reverence, wisdom and magic combine with vibrant color, music and accelerated light frequencies to create a well spring of rejuvenation and healing.

A person awaits you inside… your cosmic therapist. You need not say a word, for your state of being is already known. This beloved soul is gifted with the ability to gauge your frequencies on all levels ~ energy body, physical body, mind, emotion, spirit, soul, and so much more.

She intuits what your soul’s essence desires, so you can resonate at a light frequency where your purpose can be achieved. Then she blends, balances and constructs a force field that is a cocoon of love and light, where blockages fall away, and cosmic magic pulses in the air.

In this radiant healing chamber, there is nothing you can’t release, and everything you wish to embrace… there are no limitations, even at the cellular level. You are awakened by the sheer potential of your soul’s essence unfolding. An invitation awaits… to anchor in more of your Higher Self on this plane, and to walk your spiritual path in joy and beauty.”

This is my testimonial following a life-altering multi-dimensional healing session with Alicia.


T.D. ~ DFW, Texas, April 2018