Spiritual Channeling With Alicia Lawson in Mobile Alabama

Alicia offers Channeling Sessions for both individuals and groups.

Individual Channeling Price: $75

Group Channeling Price: $250+

To determine Group Channeling Prices for your group, Please Contact Alicia. She will discuss available times for your group’s session.

What Can You Expect from a Channeling Session with Alicia?

“I channel the Ascended Masters and Source.”

“I create a sacred space where the high frequencies of the Ascended Beings and denser frequencies of humanity can converge. In this sacred space all things are possible.”

Alicia channels only beings with your highest and best interests at heart, those who wish to serve in advancing your spiritual growth. All channeled messages flow forth from a stream of consciousness that has only love and light frequencies. They are delivered with compassion, and are intended to uplift, inspire and empower you as you navigate your spiritual journey.

What is Channeling?

Channeling has existed for as long as humanity has incarnated on Mother Earth. It has been known by many names.

Historically, wisdom, art and literature have been “channeled” from a higher source to humanity. Some writers and artists claim to have a “muse” that inspires their creative flow. Religious works were “divinely inspired” or channeled from a greater power into words via a human who served as a channel or prophet. They shared the word of The Divine with others.

The Delphi Oracle channeled information from the gods to the kings and military leaders of the ancient world. Famous prophets in the Bible and other holy books shared messages with humanity that they channeled from the unseen worlds.

Higher powers continue to “speak” through humans today — sometimes spontaneously and often with the concerted effort of a gifted spiritual channel.

A “channeler” may also be called a prophet, spiritual messenger, oracle or medium.

Channeling is a healing art that encourages and facilitates interdimensional healing and communication of a spiritual nature. A connection is established through high frequency energies and vibrations, allowing messages to flow from Ascended Masters between you, the Spiritual Seeker, and your Higher Self. This “download” transmits that which you are intended to hear and can help you in a multitude of ways.