Alicia A. Lawson

Alicia Lawson - Spiritual Healer and Educator


I’ve known Alicia for the past fifteen years. She plays a multitude of roles in my life ~ dear friend, spiritual advisor, master healer.

Although it may be unusual, I am writing her bio.

Sometimes when we attempt to describe somebody unique, no words seem to suffice. This is the case with Alicia. Visionary, mystic, catalyst, transformer, alchemist and frequency bender all apply, but there is an undefinable quality about her that transcends time and space.

As a reader, channeler and healer, she is essentially different. Her work does not fit any known methodologies. Perhaps it is because she has brought more of her Soul Self into the material plane than most of us do.

A session with Alicia, whether it is a Soul Reading or an Energy Awakening, is so profoundly customized to your needs and desires, that it will never be quite the same as anyone else’s session.

She is plugged in to the energies of Creation at such a frequency that she knows all frequencies. Her understanding of Divine Universal Law is profound. She lives and breathes this integrity in every facet of her life.

When you consult with Alicia, the absolute truth will be revealed to you about where you are now on your soul’s journey, and how to up-shift your frequency to achieve your next goal along the way. The message is delivered in a field of unconditional love.

You are not having what we think of as a “psychic reading” when you open your energy field to Alicia. You are tuning in to a rare combination of gifts and frequencies that speaks to the very essence of your soul.

To read about one of my Energetic Multi-Dimensional Healing sessions with Alicia, please view my testimonial. More testimonials will soon be added.

Alicia has learned many healing modalities. All of these, along with her soul’s rare frequency-shifting and clairvoyant gifts, blend into a finely-honed package. She will be honored and delighted to serve you on your journey.